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Sprucing up your home with wall tile

Use wall tile to add design and architectural interest to your home. Tiles come in almost unlimited colors, designs, shapes, sizes, and any form, from ceramics to non-ceramics. As a result, they can be used everywhere, from the fireplace surround to the shower wall--and even as "tile art." Read along to learn more about the perfect glass tile and more for your home.

Choosing the wall tile for your home

The right or wrong tile can impact a remodeling project. Wall tiles are meant only for vertical surfaces, so they cannot withstand the weight of walking, are more slippery, and should never be used on the floor. This is something to keep in mind should you decide to coordinate with the tile on the floor. You can, however, use floor tiles on the wall.

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Which tile is best?

The best tile is a matter of personal preference. Ceramic squares are thinner, making them easier to cut. They’re also highly designed and resistant to water, stains, heat, and scratches.

Porcelain is completely waterproof whether or not it's glazed, is highly durable, and comes in countless colors and patterns; it can be made to look like anything from fabric to leather. As a result, it's often the preferred choice for wood and stone tile look-alikes. In addition, this is ideal for shower walls, mainly because of the total waterproof capability.

A glass tile adds sparkle, shimmer, and shine to any design. The mosaic tile, the tiny, durable, often glass-coated and decorative pebble-like piece, is known for its unique style. Create a unique wall design with a mosaic medallion, usually wrapped around backsplashes.

Where to use wall tiles?

  1. Shower walls: The bathroom sets the tone of the entire house, and the shower is the most visible part of this room. Right now, the bathroom wellness atmosphere is all the rage. Create that look easily with glass tiles on the walls with a stone (preferably marble) tile on the floor to give it the serene look of an upscale spa.
  2. The kitchen and bath backsplash: Tile, by far, is still the number one choice; it is stylish, easy to clean, and can last almost 50 years. However, when remodeling, you may want to get the flooring, fixtures, counters, and accessories first, so you can be sure that the backsplash harmonizes well with the rest of the decor.
  3. Fireplace surrounds: Turn this into a stunning eye-popper, especially when there's some bold contrast, such as white squares with dark wood. You can also add some excitement to a more neutral room or tone down a bold one.
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